Health, safety and protection of the environment are priorities for our company.  We are committed to preserving the environment, health and safety of our employees, stakeholders, customers and neighbors throughout the entire life span of our products.  ANS has established a world-class Product Stewardship Plan to ensure that the EHS aspects of our CNS product are incorporated into the complete life cycle of the product; from design to end of life.

With these commitments in mind, we develop and manufacture our Carbon NanoStructure (CNS) product under our own nationally-recognized “Best Management Practices” for the manufacture of engineered nanomaterials. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has issued ANS two Premanufacture Notices (PMN) which recognizes that the technology does not present an unreasonable risk when handled properly.

ANS is actively engaged with U.S. regulatory agencies and industry partners to further understand the unique morphology of engineered nanomaterials, develop improved methodologies and testing protocols, and update best practices for the EHS nanotechnology community. Some examples include:

  • ANS is a stakeholder in the responsible use of Alternative Test Strategies (ATS) for the development of toxicology categorization strategies.
  • ANS participated in  the Center for Disease Control/NIOSH Safe Nano Design workshop.

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